Vintage Transports, photos by Friends & Guests (63)


On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.

With the ever growing popularity of Social Media (Flickr, Facebook, Instagram) the barrier has become much lower for people to share their photographs or scans of slides; imperfection to post aviation images is no longer an issue.
I noticed a decline in requests for publication on my website (a decline I welcome, as I struggle with the workflow) on my 'Guest Pages', so now some of these images shared below will be copied from Facebook & Flickr by me. For preservation of their historic value as I see it; always with proper credit to the photographer, of course!

Btw, while I am on social media, picking up on aviation news, I use it mainly for other interests while my website remains my main focus to share my interest in vintage aviation.


David Broome visited Wade's Salvage at Atco,New Jersey in 2010:
DC-7 at Wade's Salvage, @Atco,NJ
For more details and images, see my Off_Airport page @North America

Phil Brooks wrote me in Sep.2021: "I took these photos in January 1989, on the way from FRS to the Mayan Ruins at Tikal - after riding an Aerovias Dart Herald from Guatemala City! I can’t find anything on the internet about it...
The marker states 27 October 1961. Perhaps someone knows, so we can memorialize the victims?
I don’t think I’ve seen a crash memorial that had wreckage on display like this.
Guatemalan AF C-47 crash memorial, near Flores, Guatemala

Guatemalan AF C-47 crash memorial, near Flores, Guatemala

Guatemalan AF C-47 crash memorial, near Flores, Guatemala

Phil: "I went on Google Earth and found this. Different crash? Memorial to artists??

'Monumento al Artista Nacional'
'Monumento al Artista Nacional'


Hurricane Ida destroys airport hangars and aircraft at Houma,LA
C-47 N64767 of Airborne Support, based at Houma, LA since the 1980s
Bad news for C-47 N64767 of Airborne Support, based at Houma, LA since the 1980s.
The history of (a.o.) N64767 is detailed on my Deep South propliner report.

Rolf Larsson identified the Pembroke seen hanging in a Swedish supermarket

More information on my Off Airport Europe gallery

Phil Brooks forwarded me this photo by Doug Bernat, published with permission.
DC-3 4X-AES at Eilat (2019)
Photo by Doug Bernat (Eilat, 2019). He's a retired corporate pilot.

Some info from my (RL, webmaster) database: 'Douglas C-47-DL c/n 6223; Previous: 42-5635 FD769 (FD768) G-AGFX ZS-DAI ZS-DCZ 4X-FAG U-401 4X-DCF.
Dlvd to USAF & to BOAC in WW2 as G-AGFX; in 1974+75 as 4X-DCF with Netivein Neft Oil Company in Israel;
xfrd to IDFAF as 4X-FMF/040; reported Ben Gurion Airport 1976 as derelict; canx reg 29sep77.
For sale in 2001 & rr N473DK 2003.
4X-FMF/040, rr N473DK R05May03 to JAAT LLC (Wilmington,DE), serial as 42-5635.
Ferry to Eilat was 01Oct03.
29Dec03 reported as restored in Arkia c/s, tail 4X-AES, at Eilat. Flown to Eilat 01Oct03 for restoration.
This 4X-AES is fake (orig 4X-AES probably scrapped in 1966); the original Arkia 4X-AES was c/n 11923.'

Danielle wrote me "I have a DC-3 project under partial restoration, here are some photos of our recent
transport of the aircraft, wings and fuselage to my property in Montana.
This plane will be restored to a bed and breakfast on my property!"
C-49K N486C for B&B in Montana!
More on my PHOTOS BY FRIENDS & GUESTS #11 and #18
DC-3-455 N486C (c/n 6325). Ex-American Airlines and ex C-49K, delivered 28Nov42 to the military until 19Jun45 when it was sold by RFC, to Eastern Airlines as NC19193, to Frontier, to Southern, to Zantop, to Capitol (ex/ N49F, N48UC, N486C Jan 64). And... the road goes on forever!

Douglas C-117D N30TN of TransNorthern suffered a mishap recently
Photo shared on Twitter, photographer unspecified.
As it turned out, this landing proved to be a rather eventful one. According to a report in The Aviation Herald, the aircraft experienced a runway excursion following its touchdown. N30TN went off to the right-hand side of the runway, where it stopped on the soft ground adjacent to the gravel strip.
There were no injuries as a result of the runway excursion.

Runway excursion by TransNorthern's Douglas C-117D ('Super DC-3') N30TN (c/n 43159); 04Aug2021.
'A Douglas C-117D Super DC-3, N30TN, operating as flight TNV63, sustained minor damage following a runway excursion event at Goodnews Airport (GNU), Goodnews, Alaska.
A photo from the scene shows the airplane with a collapsed right landing gear.
The 2 pilots and 15 were not injured.
GNU airport is a 3300'x75' Gravel runway/ 06/24. The aircraft was landing on Rwy 06.' [¬]

UPDATE: Note: Douglas C-117D N28TN of TransNorthern suffered a mishap 08Dec21; see my Photos by Friends & Guests #64 -->>SEE ALSO MY USA 2012 REPORT FOR N28TN AND N30TN TOGETHER.

As I understand it TransNortern is under new management, Alan Larson sold it..?
Would like confirmation and details. Thanks.

Updated JoeJoe's gallery (#2) with four DHC-2 Beavers on H-Marker Lake at Bethel,AK (24Jul21)

John Giambone sent me: "N839M. Shot this down at Lakeland Sun & Fun a few years ago, probably around 2016.
Looks like she had been repainted in 'European Air Transport Service' colours..?"
DC-3 N839M at Lakeland Sun & Fun - John Giambone
C/n 20166 is ex/ 43‑15700 @ U S Army; as N839M preserved at Florida Air Museum.
John: "I did some web research, but have not seen any recent photo’s; it has been jumping around a tad, perhaps going
to airshows and such? The current paint scheme looks to be very nice based on some of the photo’s I had seen."

N839M flew for many years (decades!) with Lee County Mosquito Control from LeHigh Acres. Reported 18Oct06 @LeHigh Acres/Buckingham,FL inside hangar. On 15Nov10 still at Lee County.
Reg'd 23May11 to Dodson Int'l Parts, Rantoul,KS.
Donated to the Florida Air Museum at Lakeland,FL - ferried 28Jan2011.
Ln 15aug13 wfu @Lakeland after damage suffered by tornado 31mar11.

John: "Back in early 2013, I was working over in Lancaster County,PA. I generally had my weekend’s free, so I put
them to  good use, visiting aircraft museums or doing some spotting at KIAD/KPHL/KBWI.
One of my field trips took me to the Martin Airport outside of Baltimore.
I got talking with the volunteer at the Martin museum, and he told me about a bunch of aircraft they had parked on the field. I asked him if he could take me to see them. At first he said no.. because there was no one else working at the museum. But after talking some more, he locked the museum up, and drove me over to the flightline.
Wow! They had a great collection, including this beauty!"

Martin 404 @KMTN (20MAR2013)
Martin 4-0-4 N40400, by John Giambone (2013)

Martin 4-0-4 N40400, by John Giambone (2013)

From my (RL) files: Martin 404 c/n 14233
Classic Airways (LongBeach); ex/Save-a-Connie 0195-0196 dlvd nov52 N485A Eastern Air Lines, via Southern+Ocean Aws, Florida Al., Southern Int'l Aws., wfu 1989-.
Active 1997->? Reported @San Bernadino (ex/ Norton AFB),CA 3/97, owned Tom Aarvik.
Ln 20jul99 at S.Bernardino as N259S for Southern Int 'l Aws.
Florida A/l sold it to Ocean Aws jan80.
Bt 2000 Glenn L.Martin Aviation Museum, G.L.M. State Airport,Baltimore,MD (built there!). For static display.
Ln 13Apr13 Museum @Baltimore-MTN as N40400.
See also a 2015 photo on my Photos by Friends & Guests #43.


JoeJoe Prince sent me 3 photos this weekend; here's one:
DC-6 N747CE in style, by JoeJoe Prince
Big Doug N747CE seen here the way we like'em: four burning, four turning..
Other (Alaskan) propliners & bushplanes can be see on JoeJoe's gallery: PAGE ONE | PAGE TWO.

Aliansa DC-3 HK-2820 was declared missing f5 minutes after takeoff from Villavicencio La Vanguardia Airport (VVC).
Aliansa DC-3 HK-2820 crashed
Thursday, 08July2021

Aliansa DC-3 HK-2820 crashed
The aircraft departed Villavicencio on a training flight when the pilot declared an emergency.
C-47A HK-2820 (c/n 20171) was also substantially damaged on 15Aug19, when at La Chorrera Airfield
(Amazonas) it ran off the runway and suffered damage to gear, engines and wing;
see my Photos by Friends & Guests #58.

Aliansa DC-3 HK-2820 crashed
All three occupants suffered fatal injuries, which is no surprise seeing the entire front severely damaged.

'Having served with the US Air Force and been through 11 different companies, this DC-3 was seized at ElDorado Airport in 1976. It was there for 6 years until it was acquired in August 1983 by VIARCO. After being operated by the company for 7 years, it was sold to LANSA in November 1990.
Then it was acquired by ALIANSA in October 1992; it should be noted that it was its longest-lasting operator, the airline kept it for 15 consecutive years. Between September 2007 and June 2013 it was operated by the company Aerovanguardia, which returned it to ALIANSA.
Sadly, on 08Jul21, HK-2820 crashed in Guatiquía Canyon while carrying out a training flight over the surroundings of Villavicencio's Vanguard Airport.
The crew consisted of the captains Juan Carlos Cortes and Jhon Sixto Steel and the manager Carlos Eduardo Olaya. Sadly, all 3 occupants died due to the impact.'


Trackers at Abbotsford - a dying breed (photos Ken Swartz, 2021)
Trackers at Abbotsford - a dying breed (photos Ken Swartz, 2021)
For more of Ken's visit on 21Jun21 see his gallery on my website

John A. Giambone took these photos, which were forwarded to me by Phil Brooks
[C-117D N321L @Doña Ana County Int'l Jetport, by John Giambone (30Jun21)

C-117D N321L @Doña Ana County Int'l Jetport, by John Giambone (30Jun21)
C-117D N321L @Doña Ana County Int'l Jetport, by John Giambone (30Jun21)

C-117D N321L @Doña Ana County Int'l Jetport, by John A. Giambone (30Jun21)

John wrote: 'While visiting the War Eagles Aviation & Auto Museum down at KDNA in New Mexico on 30Jun21, I spotted the nose of this classic off in the distance parked behind a hangar. Found this 1951 vintage R4D-8/C-117 (Super DC-3S). Not a lot of clear info available, but depending on the source, information shows the Navy purchased
98 or 100 R4D’s, and only 3 or 5 were built for the civilian market.
She still looks airworthy. Not sure when she flew last. She does not look very active. Could use a bath.'

From online database:
History of C-117 N321L stored at Dona Ana County Airport

From my (RL, webmaster) files: N321L K&K Aircraft, Bridgewater Air Park,VA. Sprayer/Frtr (1993). Used as sprayers at Tampa, FL (lease frm K&K?) (Propliner mag #72). Ln Bridgewater '98 K&K fleetreport (Propliner #75).
K&K changed name to Dynamic Aviation. Rr to Nord Aviation, Santa Teresa,NM 04Apr2003. Ln @SantaTeresa,NM Feb05: wh/grey c/s n/t. Ln ..Aug09 Sta Teresa for Nord Aviation. Pilot jailed & a/c seized due cargo contraband.
Nord Aviation C-117D N321L ln Dona Ana County AP ..Mar17.'

Pilot jailed & a/c seized due cargo contraband
25May2010: A Santa Teresa-based pilot, Terry Nord, jailed in a Juárez prison (since Oct.2008?)
Online I could not find a record that Mr Terry Nord has indeed been released (2021); N321L remains stored.

The Ottawa Citizen ran an article with photos and video titles:
Ottawa Veterans' House receives donated Canso cockpit - by Zachary Delaney (29Apr21)
Ottawa Veterans' House receives donated Canso cockpit

Ottawa Veterans' House receives donated Canso cockpit
From my files: PBY-5A, N68756 / 'A24-387' (c/n 1954)
Scrapped at Mojave for MotoArt.

Ottawa Veterans' House receives donated Canso cockpit
From the article: 'The cockpit's new home is a fitting one as Veterans’ House is located on the grounds of the former CFB Rockcliffe airbase. The half-ton piece of aviation history — transported by truck to Ottawa from California and donated by the Carswell family and Canso Investment Council Ltd.
It was carefully loaded into place at the front of the housing facility.'
'Opened in February, Veterans’ House provides housing for veterans experiencing homelessness, with residents also enjoying access to rehabilitative services, gathering spaces, an indoor gym and dog park. The facility is also known as the Andy Carswell Building, in honour of the Royal Canadian Airforce pilot and veteran of the World War II.'

'John Carswell, Andy’s son, is the president and chief investment officer of Canso Investment — the area at Veterans’ House is named the Canso Campus. The donated cockpit comes from a PBY-5A aircraft, now popularly in Canada as a Canso, which Andy flew regularly during his time in the service.'

David Legg shared the history of this 'Consolidated New Orleans PBY-5A'¬
'BuNo.46590 (1954) accepted 29Aug44; delivered 08Sep44; en route Norfolk (no date); in delivery Elizabeth City Sep44 to Dec44; VPB-84 Dec44 to Jun45; pool FAW-14 Jun45 to Jul45; pool Consvair Jul45 to Sep45; minor repairs Consvair Sep45 to Oct45; CGAS Miami Oct45 to Feb46; unreported Feb46 to Mar46.

CGAS Miami Mar46 to May46; awt/recon NAF Philadelphia May46 to Jul46; under recon NAF Philadelphia Jul46 to12Nov46; pool NAF Philadelphia Nov46 to Dec46; VP-AM-5 Dec46 to Jan48; pool Fasron 110 Jan48 to Apr48; pool San Diego Apr48 to Aug48; pool Philadelphia, Mustin Field Aug48; no record; O&R Philadelphia Jan50 to Jun50; str O&R Philadelphia Jun50; sold by US Navy to The Babb Company Inc, New York, NY 13Sep50.

To Southern California Aircraft Corp, Ontario, CA 04Nov50 with CofR as N68756 07May51; to Fullerton Oil Company, Pasadena, CA 27Aug51 with CofR 28Jan52; conv to Landseaire configuration by Southern California Aircraft Corp 25Feb52; to Monterey Oil Company, Los Angeles, CA 30Nov54 with CofR 04Feb55; to Pacific Amphibian Ltd, Honolulu, HI 22Nov57 with CofR 02Dec57; repossessed by Monterey Oil Company 03Dec58; to Herbert A Schriner (aka Shriner), Larchmont, NY 19Feb59 with CofR 06Jul59.

Sold by Estate of Herbert A Schriner dec'd to Endicott P Davison, New Canaan, CT 15Aug70 with CofR 01Sep70; to Quebec-Labrador Mission Foundation Inc, Ipswich, MA/Montreal, PQ 12Apr77 with CofR 10May77; to Confederate Air Force, Harlingen, TX 16Jul79 with CofR 18Sep79; painted as RAAF fictitious serial 'A24-387/NB-N' and named Sea Bitch.

WFU and stored at Harlingen in non-airworthy condition; to The American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum, Midland, TX 14Aug91 with CofR 13Sep91; airlifted by Texas ANG CH-47 from Harlingen to Brownsville, TX cSpring96 for proposed restoration by Rio Grande Wing, CAF; restoration did not proceed and remained stored and dismantled; some parts donated to PBY-6A N7179Y during 1998; impounded by Brownsville City Council.

Acquired by M Pilkington at auction 27Nov06 and roaded to Midland for storage with G Austin; to Jason Burgess, Melbourne cFeb08 and wing outer sections to Australia for his own project; remainder sold to Bob Grienert of HARS.
Blisters to Australia but hull/centre section remained at Midland; hull gifted to Pima Air & Space Museum, Tucson, AZ and moved by road to Pima ex-Midland 29Sep09.
Canx from USCAR as 'expired' 21Aug13; to MotoArt Studios, El Segundo, CA and transported by road to Mojave, CA for reduction to artefacts, arriving 30Aug17.
Cutting up commenced 27Oct17; nose section destined for Canso Investment Counsel Ltd aka Canso Funds, Richmond Hill, ON.' ./end



JoeJoe wrote: "Desert Air made a fuel stop in Bethel this rainy afternoon."
C-47 N44587 arriving at Bethel,AK - by JoeJoe Prince
More on JoeJoe's gallery (page #2) on my website


Added more photos on my Houseboats of Oz
Houseboats of OZ
Dornier Do.24 turned into a houseboat. The unidentified forward fuselage that had been used as a houseboat
on the river Murray has finally been given a secure future. See link for more details.
Photo by Martin Edwards.

Paul Lawrence shared pix for my OZ Houseboats page, of the unidentified Dornier at Echuca, Victoria
Dornier houseboat at Echuca (1988)
Four more pix on the link.
Merv Sissons shared another mystery houseboat from Oz..
'Henkie' houseboat, converted PBY  Catalina
'Henkie' houseboat, converted PBY Catalina allegedly. More details on My Mystery Houseboats from Oz.

Compilation of propliners photographed by Ron Mak at Miami in 1971
Added 10 photos to Ron Mak's propliners gallery on my website, all taken by Ron at Miami in Nov.1971

Ken Swartz recently wrote me about the Nolinor CV580's.
CV580 threesome of Nolinor, by Ken Swartz

Nolinor CV580s
For more of the Nolinor CV580's see Ken's gallery on my website

Ken wrote me this on 12Jun2021: "Air Spray bought Nolinor’s fleet of Convair 580s for their Allison 501 engines and propellers, to keep its Lockheed L-188 flying.
A condition of the sale was that the Convair 580s had to be removed within 30 days since their parking spot at Nolinor was going to be redeveloped...

Most of the Conair’s were scrapped at Mirabel International Airport in May 2021, with the exception of C-FTAP which was donated by Air Spray to the Time Air Historical Society in Lethbridge, Alberta.
Time Air was an Alberta-based regional airline that affiliated with Canadian Airlines Int'l in the mid-1980s and became Canadian Regional Airlines."

Arnold Begeman forwarded me some photos in June 2021.
Fairchild F-27J C-FTPA ex/ Norcanair, by Arnold Begeman
Fairchild F-27J, C-FTPA c/n 104; stored, ex/ Norcanair. Photo by Arnold Begeman, Saskatoon-17Sep2018.
History of Fairchild F-27J C-FTPA by (6-2021)
History of Fairchild F-27J C-FTPA by (6-2021)
'The converted -A wreck was moved from Wollaston Lake Airport (SAS) to Saskatoon-YXE in late 1980's and
reused as fire trainer'. It had operated one year short of 20 years.

Fairchild F-27J C-FTPA ex/ Norcanair, by Arnold Begeman

History of Fairchild F-27J C-FTPA by (6-2021)
History of Fairchild F-27J C-FTPA by (6-2021)
History of Fairchild F-27J C-FTPA by (6-2021)
Operated as N2777R by Pacific Air Lines, then by Hughes Airwest, rereg'd C-FTPA for Trans-Provincial
Airlines, to Time Air (?), to Norcanair (North Canada Air).

Fairchild F-27J C-FTPA ex/ Norcanair, by Arnold Begeman

Fairchild C-FTPA was damaged beyond repair (dbr) when the left hand main gear collapsed after landing
on a gravel runway at Wollaston Lake Airport, SK (ZWL) on 29Jun1982. It operated a cargo flight.

Arnold als sent these:
Forner Arlantic Airlines, C-GIZU at Red Deer - by Arnold Begeman

C-GXFC and C-GIZU, still in Atlantic Airlines livery, at Red Deer
L.188AF C-GXFC (c/n 1100) and L.188CF C-GIZU (c/n 2014), still in Atlantic Airlines livery, at Red Deer.
Both are now owned by Buffalo Airways; photographed at Red Deer by Arnold Begeman, Sat. 12Jun2021.

DHC-6 Twin Otter C-GBPE was recently donated to the Time Air Historical Society.
Twin Otter C-GBPE was donated to Time Air Historical Society

Arnold wrote: 'On June 8th (2021), Rocky Mountain Aircraft donated the DHC-6 Twin Otter C-GBPE to the Time Air Historical Society. It's c/n 21 and has flown at Time Air as CF-QHC. Before that (Apr-Jun 1967), it was used as a demonstrator.'

Twin Otter C-GBPE was donated to Time Air Historical Society

Twin Otters by Arnold Begeman
deHavilland DHC-6, C-FASQ (c/n 78); its history comprise the following identities:
Series 200HG N4714 • N242GW • CF-AKM • C-FAKM for more details]
C-FASQ Robinaircraft Holdings Ltd., Yellowknife, NT. Reg'd 26-Mar-2021. (Flew w/ Time Air as CF-AKM).

Twin Otters by Arnold Begeman
Twin Otters C-FASQ, C-GBPE & VP-FBL, by Arnold Begeman

Arnold spotted ex/ Conair Tanker 42, CV580 C-GYXC, at Red Deer. Now owned by Buffalo Airways.
Conair C-GYXC, Tanker 42, @Red Deer
Arnold provided the following information: 'Buffalo Joe had apparently made an offer for one of the Nolinor Convairs with the condition that it would be made flyworthy again; but Nolinor replied that was a no-deal and then Air Spray bought them all for the engines... Looks like Joe was more successful at Conair!'

Ken Swartz wrote me on some Conair tanker developments...
'Conair retired its L-188 Electras last year and it has been replaced with a Q400AT for the 2021 season.
The engines and propellers of the Electra will be used to support fleet of 8 CV580 aircraft CV580 .
Alaska’s Department of Natural Resources is contracting one Q400AT and one Convair 580 this summer.
Conair bought two Q400s from Angola in 2019 and 11 ex-FlyBe Q400s in January 2021...
They have the capacity to convert three to four Q400s to air tankers a year, since they also have to maintain more than 60 aircraft in their current fleet!
Since there is now a gap in the fleet between the Type 3 [sic] aircraft on contract (aircraft offering a capacity of more than 3.000 US gallons) --as the Avro RJ84, BAe 146-200, C-130, MD-87 and 737-300-- and the Type 3 [sic] tankers like the CL.215T, CL.415 and S-2T.
Conair still has to deliver 3 Q400MR’s to France under the existing contract.
Since the Dash 8-400 production line is 'pausing' this summer, they have bought 2 aircraft off the production line now … ahead of the scheduled delivery date to France.'


Darren Clarke wrote me in May 2021: "Thought I'd drop you a photo from 2003 for your off airport thread - it's a bit out of date now, but it is the first time DC3 CP-572 (the 12th production aircraft) reappears after being wfu in 1977 and most likely scrapped."
DC-3 CP-572 (remains) in 2003
Check out my Off-Airport Latin-America

Ken Swartz's gallery on my website has expanded to a page on historic Downsview airport and surroundings.
Sea Prince T.1 C
Sea Prince T.1, C-GJIE.

'The airshow star reported trouble to ATC before the dramatic touchdown.'
Beech18 crash N9109R
Another one bites the dust: Beech C18S crash 29Apr21.
(N9109R, c/n 5676 - reg'd 05Mar2003 to Bobby Younkin Airshows & Sales Inc.)

'Airshow performer Matt Younkin is fine but his pristine Beech 18 is a little banged up after a partial gear-up landing in St. Joseph, Missouri, on Thursday (29Apr21). Younkin was headed to perform his spectacular twin aerobatics routine at the Sound of Speed Airshow.
"As you may have heard, we had an interesting arrival at the Sound of Speed Airshow this evening, Younkin said in a Facebook post late Thursday. "The good news is that we are fine and the airplane is repairable".'

'Matt Younkin is a third-generation airshow performer in a family that has been hit by tragedy on more than one occasion.
His father, airshow superstar Bobby Younkin, while flying his plane (a highly modified Samson), collided with Jimmy Franklin’s jet-assisted Waco in Saskatchewan, Canada, B.C. in 2005. Jimmy Franklin also perished in the accident. Then, in 2011, Matt Younkin’s sister Amanda Younkin Franklin, who was a talented wing walker, died of burns suffered in the crash of her husband Kyle Franklin’s plane in San Antonio,TX.'

Mark R. Peterson sent me this sublime sunset shot of An-2 N6020S at Snohomish-Harvey Field,WA.
An-2 N6020S at Harvey Field
More on this Antonov 2 N6020S on my page USA 2014, look for Mark Peterson's images.

Ralph Pettersen shared this fine photo with me, N9015Q seen departing on 24Apr21 from New Smyrna
Beach (EVB) to Walterboro,SC (RBW).
N9015Q of BAHF by Ralph Pettersen
Ralph wrote: "During that past 9 months I have spent a fair amount of time visiting with the good folks at the Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation (BAHF) at New Smyrna Beach, where they were restoring C-54D/DC-4 N9015Q.
They flew it to Walterboro, SC a few weeks ago for additional work and I was able to be there for the departure."

A few more historic details from Scramble magazine (#505, june 2021):
'Much to the surprise of the BAHF it was found out that 43-17228 is a real Airlift veteran, in which it served from Oct.1948 to Sep.1949!
It started with 5 months of operations by 61st TCS, based ta Rhein-Main Air Base,
after which an overhaul in the USA followed. From May 1949 it was flown by the 317th TCS at Celle, then by the 513th TCS at Thein-Main and finally with the 313th TCS at Fassberg.
The C-54 even served the US Army at KwajaleinMissile Range until it was retired in 1978.
It was the sold to ARDCO (see my USA 2008 report) and flown as a firebomber, before ending its commercial career at Florida Air Transport.'

A good way to stay updated on propliners is Ralph's Propliner Information Exchange!

Timotheus Valbracht shared a photo on FB/'Aircraft Dismantling & Recycling' of Nolinor's Convairs being scrapped
Nolinor's Convair's being scrapped
Arnold Begeman wrote me in April this year: 'Work is in under way to scrap the Convairs of Nolinor.
Through an auction, the aircraft were bought by Air Spray, which only has an interest in the engines.
Air Spray sold CV50 C-FTAP (c/n 334) to the Time Air Historical Society, for $1."

Information by, 15May2021.
Nolinor Convair, by

Ron Mak sent me this (11May21); he wrote: '.. got this email this morning about the restoration of the LAP Convair
CV-240 which is still at Asuncion Airport in Paraguay. Could you put this on your website, maybe there is someone
who can help here: see the text Michel and Tony.'
Convair ZP-CDO @Paraguay
Convair CV240, ZP-CDO c/n 62. Photo by Ron Mak (@Asuncion, Jan. 1979).

Michel wrote to Ron Mak: "My friend Tony Sapienza, of Paraguay, is working with the local authorities on the project of restoration of the Convair 240 ZP-CDO.
They are looking for a manual related to the structure of the aircraft (fuselage, wings and other parts), as well as the instrument section of it.
As KLM did operate a few CV 240, do you know of any person or entity who could help them in this project?
All the best to you from Michel Anciaux and Tony Sapienza." Reaction to webmaster's EMAIL, for forwarding.

History by
History by on Convair CV240 ZP-CDO
This information has a note to it: " [An] Unknown Convair with fake registration ZP-CDO [was]
destroyed [on] 22/9/80 at Okeechobee, FL during drug run."

Fred Wallis photographed DC-3 (C-53 c/n 4894) N763A at Palmer,AK.
N763A at Palmer,AK - by Fred Wallis (2021)
The '2021 Great Alaska Aviation Gathering' took place on May 08-09th this year.
C-53 c/n 4894 still has the Ozark colourscheme, dating back to its days at the Prairie Aviation Museum early-1990s.
It spent many years in the air show circuit, as it will do again here in Alaska with its new owners, Norse Flight.

By Dave Leval, Published: May. 9, 2021 at 8:20 PM UTC
PALMER, Alaska (KTUU) -"Some have flown for decades, delivering supplies to remote parts of the state. Others, such as those that belong to the Alaska Air National Guard, are used to help defend us, and the nation.
They are among the aircraft on display at the Palmer Airport for the annual Great Alaska Aviation Gathering.

The free event gives people a chance to get an up-close look at some of the aircraft used around the state.
It’s great, we do it every year,” said Anchorage’s Elka Southall. “We bring the grandkids by and come and enjoy the day.”
This is the first event since the pandemic grounded last year’s aviation gather.
We’re excited to get back to it. The turnout has been marvelous,” said Anchorage’s Reed Sillers. “Lot of activity down here, it’s a beautiful day.

This year marks the first time the event has not taken place at Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport. The Alaska Airmen Association organizes the gathering every year. This year forced a move from its usual site.

We just felt like the City of Anchorage wasn’t going to be able to plan the six months it takes to plan this event. There was a lot of uncertainties in the City of Anchorage,” said Association Executive Director Abby Austin.
We thought what a great opportunity to try something new.
./end quote

Sad news:
Patrick 'Paddy' Green died of cancer, March 2021
I learned Mr Patrick Swale Green died on 17Mar2021, of cancer. R.I.P.
'Paddy' being shortened name for Patrick, an inoffensive name for an Irishman.

N473DC Drag em Oot and Mr Paddy Green
Mr. Green has done an amazing thing, having Drag-em-Oot restored like this. (Aviodrome 2006).
He sold 'Drag-'Em-Oot' in 2017, left a legacy to be very grateful for, to see this C-47 fly for younger generations.

Though the 'Twotter' is not a propliner in the true vintage tradition, I do consider it a bushplane and look with interest upon it. Just before my interest in propliners and bushplanes took (another) dip, I started to collect data for my database on the DHC-6. But alas, soon stopped again. I blame SoMe for 'cancelling' online research..
DHC-6 C-GIED at YYT 25Apr21 by Neville Webb
DHC-6 C-GIED at YYT (25Apr21) by Neville Webb; see Neville's gallery on my website for more details.

Annica Nykvist posted this fantastic photo on Facebook ('Rädda DC-3') on 29Apr21.
DC-3 at Rädda, by Annica Nykvist (FB 2021)
See my Off-Airport (Europe) gallery for more details on this DC-3 at Rädda.

Rolf Larsson, seeing this post above, shared also a photo of '224049'
DC-3 224049 by Rolf Larsson (2017)
"As a follow-up to my (further down) and Annika´s pictures, I am sending a picture of DC-3 c/n 9911 taken at its present position: a shopping area called Norrtäljeporten , Southern part of Norrtälje.
My photo was taken on 18Jul17 and the DC-3 is still there. This is the place to which it was moved from Hotel Roslagen.

This is the DC-3 HK-2006 that crashed onto the Monfort airstrip (Vaupés) on 28Deb21, fortunately without injuries.
DC-3 HK-2006 crashed at Montfort airstrip 28Feb21
DC-3C HK-2006 (ex/ N43A; c/n 43086) in unfortunate circumstance. Better photos welcomed! EMAIL

The following is mostly a Google Translate version on what I found on ¬01Mar21 'Scare for the crew of a DC-3 in Vaupés'
'A Civil Aeronautics team traveled to Monfort (Dept. of Vaupés) this Monday (01Mar21) to establish the causes of an air accident (Sunday, 28Feb21) that occurred yesterday on the runway of that popular place, on the border with Brazil.

The plane, a DC3 with registration HK-2006 and belonging to the company Aerolíneas Andinas S.A. (Aliansa), had left Mitú, the departmental capital, bound for the municipality of Monfort (a distance of about 90 minutes). It was forced to make an emergency descent onto the airstrip of its destination; fortunately without serious consequences.
Only three crew members were on board. Although there were no injuries, the plane did show considerable damage.'

From ASN, the
Total: Fatalities: 0 / Occupants: 3
Aircraft damage: Substantial
'The Douglas DC-3 of Aliansa had an accident while landing at Monfort Airport, Colombia. All three on board were unhurt.'

Rolf Larsson wrote me in april 2021: "Just looked at Ron Mak´s pictures from Mexico City in 1971 and noticed the
DC-4M-2, ex/ XA-NUW, which later became a café. I pictured the same aircraft on 22 April 1983 now with
DC-4M XA-NUW by Rolf Larsson (1983)
The history of this rare bird is detailed on Ron's page on my website.

Rolf shared another DC-4M Argonaut: OY-AFC c/n 146 of Flying Enterprise seen in 1963.
DC-4M Super Argonaut OY-AFC, by Rolf Larsson
Rolf wrote "Took this b&w picture of C-4 (c/n 146 OY-AFC) of Flying Enterprise at Copenhagen-
Kastrup on 23June1963." Note the 'Super Argonaut'-titles on the cheatline near the tailnumber.
History of C-4 Argonaut OY-AFC by
History of C-4 Argonaut c/n 146, by Ex/ G-AHLD BOAC. Scrapped at Copenhagen Int'l Airport.

The Canadair North Star is a 1940s Canadian development for Trans-Canada Air Lines (TCA), of the
Douglas DC-4.
Instead of radial piston engines used by the Douglas design, Canadair used Rolls-Royce Merlin V12 engines to achieve a higher cruising speed of 325 mph (523 km/h) compared with the 227 mph (365 km/h) of the standard DC-4.
Requested by TCA in 1944, the prototype flew on 15 July 1946.
The type was used by various airlines and by the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF). It proved to be reliable but noisy when in service through the 1950s and into the 1960s.
Some examples continued to fly into the 1970s, converted to cargo aircraft.

Trans-Canada Air Lines (TCA), the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), Canadian Pacific Airlines (CPA) and British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) were the principal operators of the 'North Star', with the CPA examples known as the 'Canadair Four' and BOAC examples known as the 'Argonaut'.
[Wikipedia, more..]

This is one of four 1971 photos by Ron Mak, see his gallery on my website for more.
DC-6 HK-756 landing at MIA, FL. 06Nov71, by Ron Mak
Douglas DC-6 HK-756 (c/n 43117) of Aerocosta Colombia landing at MIA, FL. Date: 06Nov71.

Ken Swartz visited the Vince O'Connor Collection a few months ago. Vince served with the RCAF as an airframe
mechanic in the 1950s and helped maintain Vampire, Sabre and T-33 jets before leaving the service and becoming an electrician. About 30 to 40 years ago, Vince’s interest in aviation was revived and he started collecting...
PBY-5 Canso, RCAF 9825 Z-DB, msn CV-302, Uxbridge, ONT. 05DEC2020
PBY-5 Canso, RCAF 9825 Z-DB. At Uxbridge, ONT. 05DEC2020.
Today, Vince has about 20 dismantled aircraft on his farm in Uxbridge, north of Toronto. Some are
detailed on Ken's propliner gallery on my website.

Jan Houwing shared this on Facebook ('Oud Collega’s van Aero Groundservices'), april 2021.
An-12 LZ-BAC at Amsterdam Int'l Airport
Jan wrote: "Sometimes we handled exotic airlines. A textbook example of this was this Antonov An-12B of Bulgarian
Airlines - Balkan Cargo.The aircraft transported relief goods (mostly tents and blankets) in 1992 for the Red Cross
for earthquake victims in Chechnya."

An-12 LZ-BAC at Amsterdam Int'l Airport
Amsterdam Int'l Airport, The Netherlands. 1992.

An-12 LZ-BAC at Amsterdam Int'l Airport
History of An-12 LZ-BAC by
History of An-12B c/n 6343708: CCCP-xxxx, LZ-BAC, LZ-CBE, 4L-HUS; scrapped at Tbilisi, Georgia.

This is from the Soviet Air Transport database at
History of An-12 6343708



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