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On a regular basis people sent me photos, to share their enthusiasm for vintage airliners or to illustrate a question. These photos have been lingering in a scrapbook or a discarded box somewhere and/or probably wouldn't find their way to Online-use or publication.
To prevent them from getting lost, with permission of the sender, I like to share them on this page.
Photos already online (personal websites,,, etc) are not meant to be included here.

With the ever growing popularity of Social Media (Flickr, Facebook, Instagram) the barrier has become much lower for people to share their photographs or scans of slides; imperfection to post aviation images is no longer an issue.
I noticed a decline in requests for publication on my website (a decline I welcome, as I struggle with the workflow) on my 'Guest Pages', so now some of these images shared below will be copied from Facebook & Flickr by me. For preservation of their historic value as I see it; always with proper credit to the photographer, of course!

Btw, while I am on social media, picking up on aviation news, I use it mainly for other interests while my website remains my main focus to share my interest in vintage aviation.


Jim Vandermeer sent pics of C-47A N59314 and he's got a story to tell: N59314 history & details
N59314, photo by Jim Vandermeer
Douglas C-47A N59314 on the ramp at Anchorage IAP (2017)

Came across these 2007 photos on
DC-3 Off-Airport @Salamanca, Spain
"The artifact in question I stumbled upon by chance traveling from Zamora and Salamanca. Scrapyards are usually interesting sites for fans of rust and decay, but specimens of flying pots are rarely found in places like this. However, the owner of this scrapyard must have a certain fondness for these junks, since in addition to the aforementioned DC-3 also has a small plane and a small helicopter climbed on huge metal columns, as if they had frozen in flight forever."

A recent update by Scramble magazine (ceased its printed publication by Dec.2021) showed T.3-28/744-28
(C-47A c/n 9914) was moved from the above scrapyard to another yard of the Desguaces Moderno scrap company
at Castellanos de Moriscos
, N41.00901, W5.61402 (Not yet shown on GE 12Jan22 -RL).

DC-3 Off-Airport @Salamanca, Spain

Info from my (RL) database by 2001/2002: 'T3-28 preserved @ Salamanca (OldProps Census). By 11Dec02 noted on the N630 road N of Salamanca at the 'Desguaces Montero' scrapyard; C-47A T.3-28 (c/n 9914) is preserved next to the Hotel Moderne, 100-200 mtrs from football stadium.'


Recently (17Dec21) I received this call for help: "My name is Tucker and I’m an aviation enthusiast in Bellingham, WA.
I recently stumbled upon N63440 on a trip with a friend to Arlington and came home to go down a research rabbit hole for the airplane.
I’m a filmmaker and am looking to create a film telling the plane’s story; your articles online seemed to be the only place I could find information on this specific DC-3! [See on this website John Caruso tells about a Turkey Hauler... and my tripreport USA NORTHWEST 2014]
So I figured I’d reach out to you in hopes of finding out as much as I can.
I’ve reached out to Arlington Airport to see if I could go get footage and take a look around the plane, but I’d love to hear from someone with more knowledge and experience around it than I have.
Any info you can give me is a HUGE help."

DC-3 N63440 'Turkey Hauler' at Arlington,WA

Contact details:
Tucker Fellows - LTMC Media
Facebook: @ltmcmedia
Instagram: @flyltmc (photos of N63440 posted there)
YouTube: LTMC Media

DC-3 N63440 'Turkey Hauler' at Arlington,WA
More photos by LTMC Media on

Kenneth Swartz wrote me in Dec.2021:
"HS 748 images from Carp Airport, 26Jun2005: C-GOUL, C-GGNZ and 1 unknown"
HS 748 C-GDUL (2005)
See Ken's gallery on my website; and more details on these Hawkers on my USCan 2009 Report.

Graham wrote me a contribution, including pics, of the Lockheed SP-2E Neptune '209' (modex) at The Aviation Warehouse
Neptune '209' at The Aviation Warehouse
See the mystery detailed on my California 2018 Report.

N28TN made an emergency landing at Merrill field immediately after take off PANC
N28TN emergency landing at Merrill Field
From - -
'ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - A TransNorthern Aviation cargo flight made an emergency landing Wednesday morning (08Dec21) @Merrill Field in Anchorage after experiencing a loss of engine power.'

"The aircraft departed from ANC on a cargo flight to Kodiak. It was in the initial climb out of Anchorage's runway 07L when the crew declared emergency due to the failure of the right hand engine (R-1820), initially requested to return to runway 07L requesting left turns only but in the turn decided to divert to Anchorage's Merill Field."
[ASN -]

Merrill Field was closed for 6 hours while removing C-117D N28TN from the runway.
Super DC3 N28TN ofTransNorthern

A post on Facebook: 'Looks very much repairable. The only problem that I see is that they currently have no airworthy aircraft as the other Superdak had a landing incident few months back and i dont think its flying yet. Hopefully the airline has good insurance.'
Note: Douglas C-117D N30TN of TransNorthern suffered a mishap recently; see my Photos by Friends & Guests #63
See also my 2012 visit to TransNothern

As I understand it TransNortern is under new management, Alan Larson sold it..?
Would like confirmation and details. Thanks.

David Jessich sent nice details plus 2 pix on Cessna 185 F-ODKQ, crashed in the Rub' Al Khali desert, in Saudi Arabia
Cessna 185 F-ODKQ in Rub Al Khali desert, by David Jessich
Insert: the author, David Jessich. Photo dates from 1999.
For more on this see: Jacques Hémet's vintage propliners

'CAF Lobo Wing Moriarty' posted an update (23Oct21) on Facebook of N320A:
1942 Beech AT-11 Kansan C/N 877
Beech 18 N320A
'We keep getting closer to running the engines.'

New owner for Beech 18 C-FSRE..
Beech 18 C-FSRE
Floats removed and put on wheels (Nov.2021)

Mike Moulai shared his intentions on Facebook (Beech 18/ C45/ AT11/ SNB Group):
Q: Now that’s on its wheels, what's next?
Mike: "Once I get all the parts that are needed for the conversion and the annual inspection is complete, then it will be based in our museum, doing rides, and I’ll use it for pleasure.
My goal is to have it flying, with wheels on, by Christmas; then take it to our base and start the job of making her prettier again. Next year it’s planned to go to Greenland for a trip!
Then in 2023 I’ll fly it from Canada to Crete, then down to Cape Town on the vintage air rally again, then back to Canada...
She is a long way from retirement yet lol " - - -/Mike_Moulai

C-FSRE on wheels
From floats to wheels and a new flying career..?
I (Webmaster, RL) came across C-FSRE at Selkirk, stored. This is a Beech 3N (c/n A-661 or altn. CA-61) formerly
of Excellent Adventures Outposts & Air Service Ltd. (based at Ear Falls,ONT). C-FSRE was registered to
Excellent Adventures on 08Jun05 and I noticed at the time it had a prop missing. Selkirk 2007 report.

Jerry Vernon wrote me in Jan.2022:
"Has been registered to Excellent Adventures Outposts and Air Service Ltd since 1999 and is still currently registered to them. Previous owner had been Ear Falls Airways, from 1987 to 1999.
The report says it has a new owner (but obviously not re-registered to them yet), he's very ambitious!
It appears it may still be at Selkirk, Manitoba..?
I have many hours flying in them in the RCAF Auxiliary and a couple of hours flying them from the right-hand seat."

'CA-61 was an RCAF C-45 Expeditor, RCAF 1486, which was sold in 1965 to Ray’s Flying Service, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. They were better known for owning Harvard 20325 (CF-RFS), which was later owned, for many years, by my friends Vic Bentley and Bill Findlay, both Directors of the Canadian Museum of Flight at Langley, BC.
Harvard CF-RFS is now owned by Bill Findlay alone and I have him perform for the annual Air Cadet Battle of Britain Parade at Boundary Bay Airport (before COVID!).
Ray’s Flying Service may (?) also have owned other ex-RCAF aircraft with similar letter combinations in their registrations.'


DC-6 SAHSA by Ron Mak (1973)

Ron wrote: 'Here's a scan of a slide showing a SAHSA DC-6A that I photographed on Panama Tocumen, while I was checking in for the KLM flight home, and then this DC-6A came in; I dashed out quickly to the visitors' terrace, but I never saw the registration...
According to the JP Airline Fleets of 1974 there was a DC-6A in service: HR-SHB (c/n 44652 ex/ N2816J), but online I could not find the SAHSA HR-SHB; only N2816J but without this same beautiful colourscheme.
So my question: is this the HR-SHB...?'

This is from (15Nov21):
DC-6A c/n 44652
DC-6A c/n44652: 53-3281, N2616J, HR-SHB, N47029, N2816J, TI-ARM - ultimate fate obscured.
ATDB also has remarks 'no picture was found' for these tailnumbers, and 'no online register available' for
53-3281, HR-SHB, TI-ARM.
N2816J was last seen stored at Fort Lauderdale,FL in July '84. See photo.

Ron Mak's gallery on my website: PAGE ONE | PAGE TWO | PAGE THREE | PAGE FOUR

' has 2 pix of N2816J, one by Bob Garrard (1970 @El Paso,TX) showing the same c/s as Ron's photo.

'38 North Aviation' on 21Oct2021 near Ennis, MT (Big Sky Airport)
38 North Aviation on 21Oct2021 near Ennis, MT (Big Sky Airport)
'Miss Madison', a 1942 Douglas DC-3 former airliner project restoration and now a future bed and breakfast!

38 North Aviation on 21Oct2021 near Ennis, MT (Big Sky Airport)

38 North Aviation on 21Oct2021 near Ennis, MT (Big Sky Airport)

Parts in restoration:
Parts of DC-3 Miss Madison in restoration
Clockwise: Panel without rack - Aileron - Rudder - Tailcone

Douglas DC-6 N747CE captured by JoeJoe Prince on 21Oct2021 at Bethel,AK
DC-6 N747CE captured by JoeJoe in 2021
This airframe was delivered to the USAF with serial 53-3290, transferred to the US Navy (serial 152689)
and went to 'civie street' for Hawkins & Powers (N233HP), reg'd 10Feb06 Everts Air Fuel (N233HP), in Oct.
2007 flown to Paine Field in Washington for overhaul and reg'd in June 2008 to Everts Air as N747CE.

See JoeJoe's propliner and bushplanes pages: PAGE ONE | PAGE TWO



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